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Pregnancy Crisis Care
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Unplanned Pregnancy

Discovering that you are unexpectedly pregnant can be a shock and a worrying experience. 


  • You may feel confused or frightened

  • You may feel you face a situation that has no easy answers

  • You may feel trapped; that you have no way out

  • You may feel pressurised into making a hurried decision

  • You may not know who you can talk to or who can help


Although you may be under pressure to make a decision quickly, it’s helpful if you can give yourself a little time.  Taking some time to think things through could be important for making a choice you will be comfortable with long term. Talking with someone with the right training, who is not personally involved, in a confidential environment, can help you explore your deeper feelings and provide you with the information and support you need to make your own decision. Whatever your situation, we will provide a calm and unpressured environment for you to think through your next steps.

At Charis you will find someone you can trust to be caring and understanding. We will listen and offer support and information. Our aim is to offer you non-judgemental, non-directive support to make your own fully informed choice as you have the opportunity to explore all the options available to you.  

You can come to the appointment on your own or with a partner, friend or family member. You can see one of our team as often as you need. Whatever your decision, we will continue to offer care and support. 



Phone or text us confidentially on xxxxx xxx xxx to find out more or to make an appointment.