Pregnant? Unintended? Worried?

Finding out that you are, or might be pregnant, can sometimes come as a shock.

You may be delighted or you may feel confused and frightened and not know where to turn, or what to do.

- Don’t panic

You can talk things through with one of our advisors at the Charis Centre.


Ring for an appointment on 07508 512121



Friendly Support

One of our trained advisors will be on hand to listen and offer support, if you want to talk to someone confidentially.

An unintended pregnancy may not be your crisis - you may have other concerns which are making your pregnancy difficult.

Whatever your situation, we will provide a calm and un-pressured environment for you to think through your next steps.

You may be faced with decisions that are not easy to make.

We won't make a decision for you, but we can listen and help you to explore your options. Together, we can find out all the information you need to know -
so that YOU can make your own choices.

You can arrange to see one of our team as often as you need, either on your own or with your partner if you'd prefer.