Baby loss?

Miscarriage? Still birth? Neo-natal death?

Losing a child – whether through miscarriage, still birth or neo-natal death – can be an utterly devastating experience.

The effects of grief can be overwhelming and can affect every area of your life.

Many women are engulfed by differing emotions that seem very hard to bear.

Sometimes these feelings are very strong when you first lose your baby, but sometimes they can recur many months or even years later.

Because you and your circumstances are unique, you may be experiencing any of the following feelings:


You may feel devoid of emotion, numb, empty

You may feel a huge sense of loss

You may feel confused, lost, unable to cope with everyday life

You may feel depressed or deeply sad and disappointed

You may feel angry or anxious

You may feel you are to blame in some way

Because of your circumstances, you may feel relived, or guilty because you feel relieved

You may be wondering if it’s normal to feel as you do


The important thing is to be patient with yourself. Allow yourself to recover from the physical and emotional affects of what you have been through.

Remember that each person recovers at their own rate. Sometimes feelings can take a while to emerge, this is natural. In fact, you may have lost your baby many years ago.


You may be wondering of it would help to talk to someone but you may not be sure who would understand.

At Charis our trained advisors can help you understand what you are going through. We can provide space for you to explore your feelings and thoughts.

Space to enable you to talk about losing your child and how this loss has affected you and your family.