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Baby Loss

Losing a child through stillbirth or in the first hours or days after birth can be an utterly devastating experience. The effects of grief can be overwhelming and can affect every area of your life. Many women are engulfed by differing emotions that seem very hard to bear. Sometimes these feelings are very strong when you first lose your baby, or they can occur many months or even years later.


It takes time to work through the pain and since each of us is unique, we grieve in different ways. Sometimes those around don't know how to help and it can be painful to learn to cope and work through your loss. You may be wondering of it would help to talk to someone but you may not be sure who would understand.
 If you have experienced a stillbirth or other baby loss we can support you through the grieving process, offering support to you and your partner.

At Charis you will find someone you can trust to be caring and understanding. We have trained support workers who can:

  • give you the time and the space to talk about your experience, however recent or long ago 

  • help you explore all the emotions you are feeling 

  • help you make sense of them 

  • enable you to talk about losing your child and how this loss has affected you and your family

  • journey with you through your pain and support you as you grieve


You can come to the appointment on your own or with your partner. 


Phone or text us confidentially on xxxxx xxx xxx to find out more or to make an appointment.