Had an abortion?

For some women, abortion is something they feel they have come to terms with and are able to move on with their lives, but for others it is a painful part of their experience - something that affects them deeply, even if they felt they were making the right decision at the time.

Choosing to have an abortion is not an easy decision. There will have been many thoughts going through your mind. The pressure of circumstances can be overwhelming and afterwards there is often a sense of relief.

But for some - maybe for you - feelings can emerge immediately afterwards, or within a few months - or even years later - feelings that can be difficult to understand.


Possible feelings

If you had an abortion recently or even a long time ago, you may initially have felt relief but now feel numb or you may be experiencing emotions like anger, guilt or grief. Perhaps a whole range of conflicting emotions you didn't realise you had are just surfacing. It may be that you find it difficult to maintain a normal daily routine. You may be preoccupied with the whole experience. These kinds of feelings can emerge after an abortion for some women.


Help is at hand

At the Charis Centre, you will find a calm and safe place where you can express your feelings to an advisor trained in post-abortion support. You will find someone who has time to listen, someone who understands and does not judge, someone who cares enough to help.

At Charis, we run ’The Journey’ recovery programme. This is a sensitive one-to-one post-abortion programme that has helped many women who are struggling to process their emotions following an abortion.

Whatever your situation, we are here to listen. It's never too late to talk.